NAAMTA differentiates itself through the availability of a web portal for accredited Alliance members. In addition to creating an internal web presence for employees to communicate and store internal documents, we’ve also made available many more tools. From online flight report forms to forums, we’re creating more value for your medical transport organization beyond an accreditation.

NAAMTA Intranet


By attaining naamta accreditation, you automatically become part of our “Alliance,” a network with all naamta-accredited EMS organizations to leverage the experience and resources of industry experts in facilitating industry-wide change. Through our forums, you will find real opportunities to network with other EMS professionals in the following ways:

  • Discuss industry trends with other like-minded EMS professionals
  • Vote on changes to NAAMTA standards
  • Debate existing NAAMTA standards and encourage discussion on industry best practices

Online Reporting

Many benefits can be found in transparency as well as effective records keeping. Tracking the many different activities of an EMS organization is quite daunting and very difficult when only using paper resources. We've developed a series of reports for each of our Alliance members to utilize both in their ongoing compliance with NAAMTA accreditation as well as for tracking business activities.

  • Quarterly compliance reports for NAAMTA
  • Annual continuous improvement reports for NAAMTA
  • Flight tracking for air ambulance organizations

Additional reports can be created on a member-by-member basis and can be utilized immediately upon successful accreditation.

NAAMTA Learning Center

One of the major focal points for NAAMTA is continuous improvement, both for itself and for its Alliance members. Considering the rigorous continuing education requirements set by state and federal regulations, we desire to contribute to this atmosphere of learning and have thus created the NAAMTA Learning Center (NLC). While our educational courses don't fulfill continuing education hours needed for yearly improvement efforts, the topics of our learning center are still invaluable to the development of aviation and medical personnel.

In the NLC, you can do the following:

  • Employees can be assigned courses due dates for completion
  • Students can take quizzes and view final grades
  • Instructors are emailed with course grades as employees complete training

With time and interest from EMS organizations, we plan to develop additional curricula to create even more value for Alliance members and the professionals they staff.

NAAMTA Learning Center