Accreditation through NAAMTA isn’t just about getting a pretty certificate to hang on a wall. It’s about becoming part of the growing network of medical transport professionals driven with the goal of improving standards of performance. It’s about being equipped with the reports and learning resources needed for continuous improvement. It’s about the betterment of the medical transport industry.


NAAMTA Alliance

By attaining NAAMTA accreditation, you automatically become part of our “Alliance,” a network of all NAAMTA-accredited EMS organizations to leverage the experience and resources of industry experts in facilitating industry-wide change. Through our forums and yearly symposium, you will find real opportunities to network with other EMS professionals.

Standards Discussion

Rather than quietly subject yourself to the whims of the accrediting organization, you can have a real say in what standards define best-in-class medical transport organizations. Each change we make to the standards can be openly discussed and debated between our accredited members to determine best practices that are both fair and industry-defining. We encourage this discussion and want to make it as much of a democracy as possible in influencing the direction of the medical transport industry and the standards by which medical professionals operate each day.