Business EthicsNAAMTA is founded upon and principled by our ethical approach to accreditation. Our stance as an ISO-certified organization ensures transparency, consistency, and continuity throughout our service offering. Additionally, our own personal ethics for professionalism, NAAMTA's many internal processes, and ISO's standards for quality help ensure a high level of moral conduct that adheres to our mission statement and company goals.

Audit Assistance

When a nonconformance is identified or observed, rather than deny an application outright, we send a report to the applying medical transport organization for opportunities to update or create processes that are compliant with NAAMTA's standards. If we don't receive documentation needed during the administrative portion of the auditing process, EMS organizations can share it with us during the on-site audit.

Even if a nonconformance is found after the site audit, we still give applicants yet another chance to demonstrate compliance. After the administrative and site audit, we send out an audit report identifying standards the applicant isn't in compliance with and a deadline to complete any necessary steps.

If an organization needs guidance or assistance in attaining full compliance, we'll work with them to ensure they reach their full potential.

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Unbiased Audits

NAAMTA employs industry experts in such areas as business management, aviation, and healthcare, all of whom are dedicated to the betterment of the EMS industry. NAAMTA's commitment to the care of patients and safety of EMS personnel is manifested through our organization’s mission and values. Whereas other accreditation organizations would contract medical and aviation professionals locally, we employ our auditors in-house. This gives the following benefits to each applying organization:

      • Consistent auditing experience for every organization every time
    • No risk of applicant best practices being taken and applied at competing local EMS providers
    • Unbiased auditing reviews due to a lack of conflicting interests and employment at local healthcare organizations

Each of our auditors is employed full-time by NAAMTA and holds an ISO Auditor certification. We believe creates well-balanced and experienced auditors and a consistent experience to every organization we review.

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