Accreditation organizations must do many things in order to stay relevant and competitive in an ever-changing industry. We feel NAAMTA can do much to change and improve upon the accreditation process by offering a wide range of services that extends beyond auditing. By registering for accreditation with NAAMTA, you're getting more than just a simple plaque to display on your wall.


Business Ethics

NAAMTA is founded upon and principled by our ethical approach to accreditation. Our stance as an ISO-certified organization ensures transparency, consistency, and continuity throughout our service offering. Additionally, our own personal ethics for professionalism, NAAMTA’s many internal processes, and ISO’s standards for quality help ensure a high level of moral conduct that adheres to our mission statement and company goals.

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EMS Connections

Accreditation through NAAMTA isn’t just about getting a pretty certificate to hang on a wall. It’s about becoming part of the NAAMTA Alliance, a growing network of EMS professionals driven with the goal of improving standards of performance. It’s about being equipped with the reports and learning resources needed for continuous improvement. It’s about the betterment of the EMS industry.

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Web Tools

NAAMTA differentiates itself through the availability of a web portal for accredited alliance members. In addition to creating an internal web presence for employees to communicate and store internal documents, we’ve also made available many more tools. From online flight report forms to forums, we’re creating more value for your company beyond an accreditation.

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