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The Benefits of a Quality Management System

NAAMTA sets itself apart from other EMS accreditation organizations due to a variety of reasons, most prominent being its ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) certification. This certification makes NAAMTA accountable to a third-party entity and gives Alliance members all the benefits of the processes and transparencies we establish. Being a certified QMS means we've been audited ourselves and are in full compliance with the leading entity for international standardization.


NAAMTA 101 Brochure

NAAMTA is a multi-faceted, service-based accreditation organization that fills a wide range of needs among medical transport organizations. From accreditation to document management to report tracking, NAAMTA is a service that strives to provide the tools your organization needs to succeed overall. This brochure provides a quick overview of NAAMTA's Accreditation Program and services given to Alliance members.