At NAAMTA, we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive range of services and tools that extends beyond medical transport accreditation. While holding medical accreditation is a powerful advantage in the business world, we seek to augment this advantage with many others to make NAAMTA Accreditation all the more unique and meaningful. Whether it's access to learning courses, reporting tools, or a company intranet, we want to be a resource used to make your company succeed further. Just a few of our differentiating features can be seen below.



Auditing Assistance

When a noncomformity is found during the Administrative or Site Audit, we won't deny your organization accreditation. We'll work with you to identify possible solutions and address problems. Our success lies in the success of our Alliance members, so we strive to enable them to meet the expectations of our standards and demonstrate compliance to global best practices. If any noncomformity is found, we'll send a final report indicating corrective actions needing to take place before accreditation is given.

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Impartial Auditors

NAAMTA's auditors are not employed by local EMS providers, thus ensuring applicant processes and procedures remain private. NAAMTA's auditors are employed in-house and are ISO-certified auditors, which means not only do they understand the fundamentals of quality management systems, but also how to effectively audit an organization. Rather than contracting auditors from local healthcare organizations, NAAMTA sets itself apart by employing its auditors to ensure an impartial and unbiased audit for each Alliance member.

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ISO 9001:2008 Certification

In 2010, NAAMTA began working on its own certification, earning ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification in three years, a feat normally accomplished in five by other organizations. What this certification means for NAAMTA-accredited organizations is a higher level of transparency from our organization, improved standards, and more thorough workflow processes. All other EMS accreditation organizations are not beholden to a third-party organization, whereas NAAMTA is. This ensures a higher level of accountability, not only to the organization that certifies us, but also to you, the organizations we accredit.

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Learning Center

The EMS industry, like any other profession, is founded largely upon the principles of continuous education and learning. We feel that the value of accreditation should extend beyond a simple logo to display on your website and vehicles. We strive to make our company a resource to your success in many different ways. One such way is through our NAAMTA Learning Center (NLC), a Moodle-based website through which employees can seek out additional training in areas like Crew Resource Management (CRM). With the NLC:

    • Employees can be assigned courses due dates for completion
  • Students can take quizzes and view final grades
  • Instructors are emailed with course grades as employees complete training

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NAAMTA Alliance

By receiving your NAAMTA Accreditation, you're becoming part of a voice that is shaping the EMS industry on a global level. You'll be a part of our Alliance, a group of organizations interested in bettering the industry and shaping regulation changes to improve safety measures. As an Alliance member, you can communicate with other NAAMTA-accredited Alliance members to discuss regulatory changes, vote on NAAMTA accreditation changes, and learn from one another.

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Web Tools

NAAMTA offers countless benefits to Alliance members beyond accreditation, all of which can be accessed through our web portal. Each accredited organization gains access to the vast resources of our web tools, including:

    • Organization intranet with employee of the month, employee directories, and file storage
  • Customized EMS reporting forms for flight tracking and annual and quarterly accreditation compliance
  • Forums for discussing NAAMTA Standard changes, global regulation changes, and EMS discussion

We want to give you the resources you need to run your organization without the need for increased expenses and staffing. That's why we offer web tools that no other EMS accreditor would even consider making available.

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