Accreditation through NAAMTA is based on an organization's compliance with our Standards Manual. The manual is made up of procedures that include guidelines for developing a quality management system focused on transport safety, patient care, and continuous improvement. Our medical transport accreditation standards were created based on state, federal, and international standards of performance to create a globally-applicable standard for EMS organizations.

What is a Standard?

Put at its simplest, a standard is an agreed, repeatable way of doing something. A medical accreditation standard is a “flag” that everyone recognizes and accepts as a representation of themselves. Standards are intended to be a summary of best practices rather than general practices. Effective standardization promotes continuity and enhances profitability among applying and accreditation organizations, enabling a business to take a leading role in shaping the industry. Standards provide a mechanism for improving overall organizational performance and enable your company to:

    • Develop and maintain company practices
  • Attract and assure customers
  • Demonstrate market leadership
  • Create competitive advantage

Using NAAMTA accreditation program standards, the medical transport industry becomes unified at a global level. Standards that focus on continuous improvement and quality will benefit any organization adhering to those standards. We believe the medical transport industry has the responsibility of establishing best practice standards and the ability to govern itself. NAAMTA Accreditation ensures that each organization that earns our accreditation works toward this end goal.

We believe that it is the industry that should set the standards. To accomplish that goal, we work with critical care providers, medical transport organizations, state EMS directors, and consumers to evaluate and establish standards to meet the demands of the medical transport industry.

NAAMTA’s Alliance brings together varied viewpoints and facilitates a consensus to determine industry best practices. As consumers become increasingly informed about their choices, conformity to recognized standards becomes pivotal. Consumers recognize that Standards are a respected badge of quality.

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