Accreditation from any organization will test the limits and level of preparedness for an EMS provider. Preparing for an accreditation audit is an exhaustive process, yet upon award can create many new opportunities for business growth and process improvement. The requirements for accreditation aren't meant to be a lip service that you go through the motions for each year, but rather a higher standard of service that can be seen on a daily basis throughout your organization.

Accreditation Timeline

The process of accreditation can take a great deal of time when also trying to juggle the affairs of an ongoing EMS organization. The following is a breakdown of the typical amount of time it takes to apply for NAAMTA accreditation as a first-time and renewing applicant, as well as the average number of hours spent by our staff reviewing your application.

    • First-time Applicants: 12 months
    • Renewing Applicants: 6 months
    • NAAMTA Staff: 80 hours
    • Site Auditors: 40 hours

NAAMTA Accreditation Benefits

Being awarded with NAAMTA accreditation isn't just so you can display a plaque on your company's walls. It's proof of the work you've put into making your company exceed industry expectations and deliver quality services. The recognition that comes with this accomplishment means you can expect to find more business opportunities, a better safety record, and more efficiency in how your business runs. Those who fulfill each of our standards can expect to find the following benefits to NAAMTA accreditation:

  • State and federal recognition as a fully-accredited EMS company.
  • Eligibility for transport contracts requiring EMS accreditation.
  • Potential aviation insurance premium savings from participating carriers.
  • Access to NAAMTA reporting tools for improved performance tracking and quality measurement.
  • Additional training resources through the online NAAMTA Learning Center that will apply toward medical and aviation continuing education requirements.
  • Use of the NAAMTA logo on all business assets, from website to vehicles.

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Auditing Process

As part of the ISO 9001:2008 certification, naamta created a well-defined auditing process. This procedure does not change between organizations, which means you can expect the same experience as other emergency medical services, regardless of their experience or accreditation history.

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Accreditation through NAAMTA is based on an organization’s compliance with our Standards Manual. The manual is made up of procedures that include guidelines for developing a quality management system focused on transport safety, patient care, and continuous improvement. Our standards were created based on state, federal, and international standards of performance to create a globally-applicable standard for EMS organizations.

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The NAAMTA Difference

At NAAMTA, we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive range of services and tools that extends beyond accreditation. While being accredited is a powerful advantage in the business world, we seek to augment this advantage with many others to make NAAMTA Accreditation all the more unique and meaningful. Whether it’s access to learning courses, reporting tools, or a company intranet, we want to be a resource used to make your company succeed further.

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