Guardian Flight Alaska Earns Accreditation

Guardian Flight Alaska Earns Accreditation

Anchorage, AK Guardian Flight Alaska air ambulance service, accomplishes medical transport accreditation by National Accreditation Alliance of Medical Transport Applications (NAAMTA). Guardian Flight Alaska’s mission is to provide safe, compassionate, and efficient air medical transportation, with a focus on safety and industry best practices. Following a comprehensive audit by NAAMTA of administrative processes and policies, medical practices, and facilities, Guardian Flight Alaska achieved accreditation for its fixed-wing program. Accreditation verifies that an organization meets or exceeds standards of quality.

The NAAMTA Accreditation Standards identify criteria in all aspects of medical transportation to assess quality patient care including business policies, licensure, education, skills maintenance, communication, and safety.

NAAMTA accreditation is recognized as a symbol of quality by industry peers, third-party payers, medical organizations, liability insurance companies, state and federal agencies, and the public. In addition to accreditation, NAAMTA sets the standard for customer service by providing consultative services, an educational platform which includes NAAMTA developed materials and the ability for customers to utilize their own training material administration. 

NAAMTA verified compliance through employee interviews, on-site evaluations, and process reviews, all of which were conducted using ISO 9001:2015 auditing guidelines. Through the accreditation process, Guardian Flight Alaska demonstrated compliance with each of the defined standards and excelled in identifying best practice procedures.

Roylen Griffin, NAAMTA’s Executive Director said,

“Guardian Flight Alaska has experienced a number of positive changes. In our auditing processes, we have observed clear and concise implementation of policies, supportive leadership, employee enthusiasm, and established quality goals. We are excited for Its future growth and strength in the Medical Transport industry and continued compliance to NAAMTA Accreditation Standards.”

Guardian Flight Alaska’s Regional Program Director, Juliann McCabe, said,

“Guardian Flight Alaska is proud to have earned NAAMTA Accreditation. It ensures that our program’s commitment to demonstrating compliance with the highest standards for safety and patient care. NAAMTA’s continuous compliance processes validate our quality improvement measures in customer relations, aviation, clinical, and maintenance.

The standards reinforce our commitment to support our team to achieve excellence and give emphasis to our promise to provide superior care in a safe and efficient manner to the patients and business partners in the communities we serve. We are proud of our entire team for its hard work and pledge to develop and implement improvements that fortify our program in the medevac industry.”


NAAMTA is an accreditation standard-bearer for the medical transport industry, offering procedures that include guidelines for developing a system focused on transport safety, patient care, quality management, and continuous improvement. NAAMTA is globally recognized for its ISO 9001:2015 QMS certification and the implementation of quality practices in their accreditation program. NAAMTA’s certified quality management system is audited annually by PRI Registrar, which is an ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board-approved Registrar accredited to certify organizations to a variety of management systems including ISO 9001.

NAAMTA has successfully made great strides in identifying key best practices to improve the standard of performance among EMS providers at national and global levels. Through a dynamic approach to auditing and a vast array of web-based reporting and learning tools for members, NAAMTA distinguishes itself as an accreditation source interested in providing services to their members and work toward the improvement of medical transportation practices.

About Guardian Flight Alaska

Guardian Flight was founded in 1997 by Frontier Flying Service and grew rapidly over the following three years. In 2000, Guardian Flight separated and emerged as a stand-alone, privately owned, critical care air ambulance service with its main base in Fairbanks, covering the interior of Alaska. Today Guardian Flight Alaska operates a fleet of 10 Beechcraft King Air B200s a Cessna Caravan and five Learjet 45s. Guardian Flight Alaska employs more than 50 pilots for its Alaska operations, and a highly qualified medical staff consisting of flight nurses and paramedics.

Guardian Flight Alaska (www://guardianflight.com/AK/) is part of Guardian Flight LLC, which operates a fleet of approximately 85 fixed and rotor wing aircraft dedicated to air medical flights in the Upper Midwest, Mountain West, Southwest, Alaska, and Hawaii. Guardian Flight has more than 800 professional staff, including pilots, mechanics, trained communicators, and support staff. For more information on Guardian Flight LLC, go to www.guardianflight.com

Guardian Flight’s parent company, AMGH, is an industry leader in aviation safety with standards that exceed FAA and other regulatory agency minimums for training and aircraft equipment. AMGH is the country’s largest provider of emergent air medical services, with more than 100,000 patient transports annually. Across the country, the company has 340 airbase locations in numerous states with a fleet of more than 400 aircraft. Its team of more than 7,000 professionals is focused on safely transporting and caring for critically ill patients 24/7/365.

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Executive Director
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