NAAMTA is the new accreditation standard bearer for the medical transport industry, offering procedures that include guidelines for developing a quality management system focusing on transport safety, patient care, and continuous improvement. Since the company's inception in 2009, we have made great strides in identifying key best practices to improve the standard of performance among medical transport systems at the global level.

PNGNAAMTA at a Glance

  • Recognized form of medical transport accreditation by the United States Department of Defense.
  • First and only medical transport accreditation organization with an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System (QMS).
  • Standards built on industry “best practices,” state and federal regulations, and agency guidelines.
  • Secure web-based tools for application submission, review, and reporting capabilities using online forms.
  • Collaborative initiative with partner clients for the purpose of raising EMS standards.

Mission Statement

We aspire to be the example to the medical transport industry by establishing an under-lying value system whereby standards are developed, defined, monitored, and enforced.

We embrace a higher standard where all who fall under the NAAMTA umbrella desire a perfect work place, a place where safety and quality of care are paramount.

We inspire people to be better through education and communication. We establish standards offering professional attitudes, using decision making processes, evaluating consequences and taking action, and continually seeking to improve quality.

Our Commitment

We commit to the following:

  • Provide accreditation standards built on industry best practices, state and federal regulations, and other regulatory agency guidelines relating to transport safety and quality patient care
  • Incorporate quality management system practices that help organizations monitor and evaluate their own processes for continuous improvement
  • Deliver tools and services that aid organizations to acquire and maintain accreditation
  • Fair and consistent auditing processes
  • Provide an open forum for best practices and updates on the changing regulatory landscape for medical transport services