Standards Manual

Our standards are based upon industry best practices in addition to national and provincial regulations and agency guidelines.

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Quality of Service

Accountability and reliability are necessary attributes to any EMS accreditation program, and NAAMTA is no different in its delivery. As the only medical transport accreditation organization with ISO 9001:2008 QMS certification, we have the resources and processes necessary to obtain and demonstrate a higher standard of performance throughout the auditing phase as well as between audits.

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Auditing Assistance

Gaining accreditation for the first time is a difficult process, and not being in full compliance with an accreditation requirement isn't uncommon. When a nonconformity is identified during our auditing process, we won't deny your application outright.
NAAMTA and its auditors will work with you to create solutions at your organization and help you become compliant with our Standards.

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NAAMTA Alliance

By receiving your NAAMTA Accreditation, you're becoming part of a voice that is shaping the EMS industry on a global level. You'll be a part of our Alliance, a group of organizations interested in bettering the industry and shaping regulation changes to improve safety measures. NAAMTA Alliance membership invites members to discuss regulatory changes, vote on NAAMTA accreditation changes, and learn from one another.

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Press Releases  

NAAMTA seeks to create an alliance with each of its accredited members, which means taking a very active role in each EMS provider's success. Rather than simply offering accreditation, we've created a comprehensive system of tools intended to augment EMS providers in their own industry and day-to-day functions. Below are several resources our customers have rated as highly useful:

  • Professional ISO-trained auditors
  • Online location for company manuals, forms, and checklists
  • Online schedules can be uploaded to a Web Portal and be checked by our employees regardless of base location
  • Links to industry-related news, resources, and education
  • Useful online tools for company functions such as employee directories, upcoming events, employee access and permissions
  • Compliance is continuously communicated, building quality relationships and ensuring renewal of NAAMTA Accreditation is quick and encompasses crucial growth factors

At NAAMTA, we don't just give you a stamp of approval upon successful completion of our audit. We want to take a more active role in helping you succeed as an EMS provider, and as such, provide an online portal to each NAAMTA Alliance member with the following features:

  • Online location for company manuals, forms, and documents that when adopted, enhances the flow of information within their organization
  • Online schedules can be uploaded and checked regardless of base location
  • Security permissions to access and/or restrict data
  • Links to industry related news feeds, resources, and organizations
  • Online tools to improve company functions such as an employee directory, events calendar, employee access and permissions
  • Compliance is continuously monitored and the renewal of NAAMTA Accreditation is a streamlined process because all data is online

PNGNAAMTA is the new accreditation standard bearer for the medical transport industry, offering procedures which include guidelines to develop a quality management system that focuses on transport safety, patient care and continuous improvement. NAAMTA provides:

  • An Alliance of medical transport services
  • Secure web-based tools to collect, report, and store demonstration of compliance to NAAMTA Standards
  • Web portals that enable members to complete organizational online forms, checklists, and reports
  • Report templates or customized reports are available based on the organization’s needs
  • Notification settings alert personnel when changes are made to forms or events
  • An impartial third-party to assist organizations with evaluating policies and procedures that focus on industry best practices


  • Classic Lifeguard recognizes NAAMTA’s commitment to providing a just and fully comprehensive external evaluation of the medical transportation industry, which is crucial in providing the safest quality patient care while ethically managing a successful business model. NAAMTA clearly appreciates the importance of third-party oversight as evidenced by achieving International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certification. We look forward to continued growth and quality improvement...
    1283Matt Stein, Program Director

    Classic Lifeguard

  • Whether we’re looking at medical practices or financial management, whether we’re examining aircraft maintenance or continuing education, NAAMTA’s Accreditation Program guides us to the highest and best reference against which we and our clients, patients, and medical personnel and flight crews can measure performance.
    1281Stuart Hayman, CEO


  • Hawaii Life Flight’s accreditation with NAAMTA gives distinction to our air medical program as it creates standards for us to be measured by and be accountable for. Working with NAAMTA to achieve their accreditation has really brought these principles to the forefront.
    1279Dawn Guillermo, Program Director

    Hawaii Life Flight

  • Eagle Air Med’s partnership with NAAMTA as an Accredited Alliance Member is another way we strive to fulfill our mission of providing safe, compassionate and efficient air medical transportation. We value our partnership with NAAMTA and look forward to many more years of improving the air ambulance industry by raising the standards for patient care and aviation safety.
    1277Mike Brown, Program Director

    Eagle Air Med

  • NAAMTA has reaffirmed that EAGLE III is one of the few programs to uphold the highest quality safety and medical standards.
    1274Tom Madigan, Program Director

    Eagle III

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