CSI Aviation Achieves NAAMTA Medical Transportation Accreditation

Medical Transportation Accreditation Achieved

Following NAAMTA's comprehensive audit of administrative processes and policies, medical practices, and facilities, the National Accreditation Alliance of Medical Transport Applications (NAAMTA) is awarding CSI Aviation achieves NAAMTA Medical Transportation Accreditation for their fixed wing, medical transport program.

Transportation Accreditation

Excels in Best Practice Procedures

CSI Aviation demonstrates compliance to each of the defined standards, excels in identifying best practice procedures, and instills these values in each employee. NAAMTA verified compliance through employee interviews, process reviews, and on-site evaluations, all of which were conducted using ISO 9001:2008 auditing guidelines.

“CSI has been safely providing air transportation services around the world for more than thirty years,” said William “Rock” medical transport Collins, COO/President. “To have a third-party accreditation entity recognize our commitment to quality and safety in our recently-launched medical flight services division is definitely gratifying. We look forward to continuing to grow our customer base in this market and working with the NAAMTA organization to improve the industry as a whole by promoting best practices.”

Providing Worldwide Medical Transport

Roylen Griffin, NAAMTA’s Executive Director said,

“CSI Aviation’s commitment to excellence in providing worldwide medical transport services is evident in their aircraft, equipment, application of policies and procedures, and employee licensure and abilities throughout the organization. CSI’s compliance with national and international industry standards is confirmed through NAAMTA Accreditation. Their ongoing participation in continuous compliance demonstrates their pledge of quality to existing and potential customers.”


medical transportNAAMTA is an accreditation standard-bearer for the medical transport industry, offering procedures that include guidelines for developing a system focused on transport safety, patient care, quality management, and continuous improvement. NAAMTA is globally recognized for its ISO 9001:2008 QMS certification and the implementation of quality practices in their medication transportation accreditation program.

NAAMTA’s certified quality management system is audited annually by PRI Registrar which is an ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board-approved Registrar accredited to certify organizations to a variety of management systems including ISO 9001.

NAAMTA strides successfully in identifying key best practices, improving the standard of performance among medical transport providers at national and global levels. Through a dynamic approach to auditing and a vast array of web-based reporting and learning tools, NAAMTA distinguishes itself as an accreditation source, providing services to members and working toward the improvement of medical transportation industry practices.

About CSI Aviation

medical accredititationEstablished in 1979, CSI Aviation, Inc. (CSI) has grown into a global aviation company providing diverse and complex solutions to commercial, group and private individuals, and government customers. CSI fills a unique niche in the aviation industry – solving complex aviation requirements for air charter services, aviation logistics, and program management.

CSI Aviation also holds FAR Part 135 Air Carrier operating authority and provides air charter, aircraft purchase, leasing and maintenance support. For more information go to CSIAviation.